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Vinny’s 1977-Themed Christening in Madison, WI

Happy Flashback to 1977~

I was thrilled to start the next chapter of the Grasshopper Goods journey surrounded by family and friends in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday, April 15th. To celebrate Vinny’s new beginning and the arrival of the truck, we decided to host a 1977-themed party in honor of Vinny’s birth year. Complete with Tuna Casserole, Twinkies, PBR and a groovy soundtrack provided by my husband Steve, the party was a blast! I have no doubt that Vinny’s spirit has been blessed by the positive energy and love shared by family and friends alike. We toasted the excitement of the amazing collaborative efforts of Beyond Broncos & Sterling Grey (my brothers, John & Jim Foersterling) the amazing artists that made Vinny something special. We also thanked all who’s helped GG have a great first year, including Jenn Zutter, Creative Director of Grasshopper Goods.

I can’t wait to share Grasshopper Goods with Wisconsin, and have several events coming up in the next month or two, so be sure to check out our calendar for more information!

For now, here’s some of my favorite pictures from Vinny’s Christening :) 


Karen Tardrew

Grasshopper Goods, Owner & Founder

Thanks for the support of family!

The 70's era food was a blast!

Can't wait to share the awesome 1977 playlist on the truck.

Thanks to Jenn Zutter, our Creative Director.

Thanks to the collaboration of Sterling Grey (left) and Beyond Broncos (center).

Love you bros!

Cheers that Vinny is here! Can't wait to hit the road.