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3 Mindful Techniques I Teach My Students

3 Mindful Techniques I Teach My Students

As human beings, we’re constantly evolving. I mean, let’s hope we’ve learned a thing or two since we were in kindergarten ;) This evolution happens from the hundreds of thousands of experiences we endure throughout our lives. I like to think the happiest people are the ones who are forever learners.

Appreciating the fact that none of us know everything, and that there are always moments to learn and grow (even when we’re 90 years old!) is something empowering. It’s the realization that people have when they completely change careers in their 50s because they’re not happy or when they try out a new hobby because they need a change in their everyday routine.

Humans LOVE to learn new things and be challenged! 

Many of you may already know that I work for National Louis University. I’ve recently acquired a new role, the Chair of Learning Sciences in Education! This interdisciplinary department dives into the HOWS of how we learn, process, and understand; some pretty important stuff as ever-evolving humans.

So, why should you care?

Many of the tools and techniques this department shares with educators are in the realm of social emotional learning and understanding. Currently, we've been working to help alleviate the intense stress educators are feeling now more than ever; tools we could all benefit from! And so, I thought it would be great to share a few of the newer techniques that we do in and outside of the classroom.

Settle Down. Pay Attention. And Say Thank You. TED Talk - I’ve used this as an assignment for years and it still holds true today. It’s a great TED Talk to help you to start to be mindful in simple and practical ways. Kristen Race is incredibly relatable, has actionable tips, and is amazingly smart. 

EFT Tapping for Anxiety - This incredible tactic is something new I learned when doing research for my Neuroscience in Education Class. EFT tapping is also known as psychological acupressure. It has shown to help relieve anxiety and stress, restoring energy balance. After trying it myself, I wouldn’t wait to share with my family, friends, and teachers. Here is a great video to help get you started with EFT tapping.

Finger Labyrinths (with downloads) - Finger labyrinths are another technique I’ve used with students and teachers; they’re extremely soothing and help calm the mind. These are great to have by your desk or possibly in your bag as a way to reconnect with your mind, body, and spirit. Click the following links to download a few finger labyrinths you can print out at home. Click here. Click here. Click here.

These are just a few simple techniques I hope can help calm your mind, body, and spirit. And remember, we all have anxious moments but know they can pass with the right tools. Sending love!

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