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4 Ways to Transform Your Celebrations This Year

4 Ways to Transform Your Celebrations This Year

Well, it’s here. We’ve come up on one year of being inside our homes. The good news is, we can now see the light as we keep moving forward into a better time. That being said, spring is the advent of celebration season after that two-month lull that follows the magic of the holidays. Maybe in years past, you hosted a St. Patrick’s Day party, Easter brunch, or Mother’s Day dinner. Though these gatherings might not be as elaborate this year, they can be just as fun-filled. 

We’re here to share some tips to help you transform your celebrations this year. At Grasshopper Goods, we’re all about connection, love, and joy, and being able to spend time with loved ones safely is a balm during the toughest of times.

1. Get Outside, No Matter The Temperature

We Midwesterners have a hearty tolerance for cold. Even so, why do gatherings seem to temper off in the winter?

In the winter months, Nordic countries follow the tradition of hygge, known as embracing winter as you would any other season and finding comfort in it. Dare I say, even enjoying those below-freezing days. One of the core teachings involves going for a walk every single day, no matter the weather, be it biting wind or major snowfall. This simple practice helps boost happiness and a sense of community.

In applying hygge to your gatherings, you’ll find that a group bonfire, dinner on a restaurant’s heated patio with your pod, or a themed party in your backyard can make all the difference in keeping your celebrations intact during the winter season. No matter the weather, getting outdoors to socialize is always an option. You just have to think outside the box and get creative.

2. Send Surprise Deliveries

If a get-together has to be virtual this year, think of ways to make the group feel special from afar. For example, could your Zoom Easter brunch include dessert delivery, with each guest receiving a sweet treat to indulge in together? Or, could you send over a game sheet for virtual party games you’ll play throughout the event?

Surprise deliveries not only make your loved ones feel seen and appreciated, but they also offer a connective thread. You might not be able to get together right now, but you can still chat and enjoy the same dessert, thanks to the wonders of technology. 

3. Keep It On Theme

Making sure your celebrations retain all the elements you love about the holiday is crucial. For example, even though you can’t spend St. Patrick’s Day with a corned beef and cabbage meal at your favorite pub, you can wear green at home, buy your favorite beer, and try making your favorite meal with your loved ones. Couple that with a playlist full of Flogging Molly, and you’ve got yourself a celebration.

That old saying “dress how you feel” applies here; the more you dress up your holiday celebrations and keep all the elements you love as similar as they can be, the more you’ll be reverse-engineering your joy through happiness cues.

4. Lean Into the Random Holidays

First, we’re surfing Facebook or Instagram; then, we see that today is National Wine Day, National Hug Your Pet Day, or National Tortilla Chip Day (yes, that’s a thing!). While random holidays are in fact random, we invite you to lean in to make any day a celebration!

Celebrate National Margarita Day by carrying out from your favorite restaurant. Host an at-home wine tasting on National Wine Day. Buy your pet new toys and watch them play until they curl up for their nap on National Hug Your Pet Day. These random holidays prove to be instant serotonin boosters, and can transform even the most mundane Monday into a full-blown celebration.

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