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A Letter To The New Year

A Letter To The New Year

When Grasshopper Goods started it was a unique time; the education field was really difficult; shopping was becoming online-focused; and our society was depending more heavily on screens. What made this difficult for myself was that my entire being has been about connecting people.

I had this drive to get out and connect with people; to bring people together and have fun. And that’s exactly what we did pre-pandemic. We had our truck, Vinny, out and about getting in front of people and then opened up our shop a handful of years later soaking up every moment living in ignorance of what was to come.

What’s funny is that today, everything is even more online than from when we started… something we had originally wanted to move away from as a business. However, we have quickly learned that connection is more much than just being in person.

What it’s really about is authentically connecting with each other. Living in the mess together. No, it may not be perfect but yes, we can still connect in meaningful ways because there is not a right or wrong way to build authentic connections.

So, while connecting with each other looks much different pre-pandemic, we, as humans, want to be together. We’re naturally positive, sunny-side-up believers. This doesn’t mean every day may feel “sunny-side-up” (because of course there are bad days). However, the past year has shown that at the end of the day, we are tough!

We’re adaptable humans. We didn’t think we would still be dealing with this pandemic, yet people put their masks on and went shopping for the holidays. Customers like you are coming into the shop on a Wednesday explaining how they can’t be in front of a screen and need a change of scenery. 

Forget about pulling up your bootstraps. It’s now become, “put on your mask and let’s have a life.”

Does wearing a mask suck? Yes. No one wants to wear a mask and still be in this same crazy space. However, what stood out to me in 2021 was the realization that we are resilient humans with a sense of humor that care deeply about others and want to go on living our lives. And if that means wear a mask, then god dammit we’re putting on our masks.

Supporting the things that are important to you was another big theme we saw in 2021; truly being supportive of what matters to you. This movement of support is the reason small businesses like us are still making it. We truly can’t thank customers like you enough for supporting GG through it all. 

We’re ready for you 2022! Through all the lessons learned in 2021, we look forward to what’s to come for GG.

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