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An Accidental Beginning

An Accidental Beginning

As we’ve been opening up the discussion on new beginnings with some of our vendors, it’s been amazing to hear just how different and unique each and every story has been. While each new beginning is completely unique, we have noticed some correlations. One big one has been taking action.

For Jeremiah with Flags Over Wisconsin, taking action should be his middle name. A man of many talents, he has been on the entrepreneurial journey for much of his life knowing he is most fulfilled when creating. What he didn’t realize was that the business that would stick would happen almost by accident!

His Flags Over Wisconsin journey began after he saw a picture of JJ Watt’s Defensive Player of the Year trophy with one of the coolest American flags made from what looked like recycled barn wood behind it. He had to have it! After researching similar pieces and realizing the cost… the only other option was to do it himself.

“I could make that.” 

This is such a perfect example of the type of person Jeremiah is. He had never taken a single shop class in his life, had no experience working with wood but decided to take the challenge head on. He began going around to farms asking for old pieces of barn wood for months. Once he had all the appropriate pieces, he got to work and created a stunning American flag, which he still has hung up in his home.

“Of course, I was super proud! And so when it was completed, I posted a photo of my work on social media.”

Little did Jeremiah know that this would be the beginning of something bigger. The next morning, he woke up to 10 orders requesting his barn wood flags! After two months, Flags Over Wisconsin became a full-time job and it’s continued to expand ever since.

When asked the advice he would give to someone pursuing their own business or dream?

“People will tell you starting your own business is risky… but I beg to differ. I’ve found as soon as I began depending on myself to support my life, it was much riskier working in the corporate world.”

After hearing this advice, it really hit home and had us connecting this to the recent pandemic. People losing their jobs left and right when they thought they were “safe” in the corporate world. It’s all about perspective and understanding that your dream life may be less “risky” than you had originally thought.


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    So honored to be a part of your blog and your story as well. Thank you so much for putting together such an amazing piece!

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