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Become a Master Gift Giver

Become a Master Gift Giver

Gift giving is an art form. An art form of understanding someone or a pivotal moment in life so well you can represent them or that event in a gift. For most, gift giving happens for special occasions, like birthdays or holidays. What most don’t realize is that gifts can be given at any time for any celebration and they don’t have to be huge. For most people who are receiving gifts, it truly is the thought that counts.

I’m sure you have a friend or loved one who is the best gift giver. Maybe they surprised you with a sticker that made them think of you while on their vacation or the perfect gift for your birthday where you asked yourself, “did they read my mind?” Or maybe you’re that friend :)

One of the big reasons I started GG was because I felt there was something missing in our society when it came to gift giving. Everything was the same and I craved fresh, unique products that I knew my loved ones wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Becoming an amazing gift giver, or gift master if you will, takes time and practice. It may be one of my most favorite things to do. A talent I learned from my grandmother, Grammie, who was the first Martha Stewart in my book. I have personally mastered the art of gift giving over the years and wanted to share some of the best tips to becoming a master gift giver.


Be observant - So many people will tell you, “I don’t need anything, I have everything,” but the best gifts are those that people didn’t even realize they needed. Take note of your conversations with loved ones. Have they mentioned a recent new hobby they love? Are they traveling soon? An observant gift is a thoughtful gift.

Always consider their personality - Taking into account their personality is extremely important when gift giving. Do you have a friend who is super practical? A loved one who appreciates entertaining? Always think about their personality when searching for a gift. Some may jump out at you faster than you may think.

Look back at the past - Sometimes the best gifts are ones that remind them of a special memory. Don’t be afraid to get nostalgic. Maybe it’s a hat from your trip to Yellowstone together or a nostalgic trinket that reminds them of growing up. These are special gifts that hit close to home.

Shop all year round - This is probably one of my biggest gift giving secrets. The best gifts are ones when you aren’t feeling rushed. A good rule of thumb is to always be thinking about gift giving holidays throughout the year. It also helps the budget by spreading out your spending. Just make sure you have ONE place where you keep your gifts - I know this from experience.

Don’t forget the card - Cards make any gift extra special. It doesn’t have to be a super nice card with a novel written on the inside. Even a simple “this made me think of you” note is the perfect addition. A card can go a long way.

Shop at GG! - We specialize in gift giving. It truly is an art form. All of our employees adore helping each of our customers find the perfect gift. We will ask you questions about your loved one and walk you through our shop to provide a non stressful gift shopping experience. Plus, we offer fresh, unique products you definitely can’t find at Target ;)


There truly is nothing like watching your loved ones open up gifts. Watching their eyes light up and a big grin spread across their face. We hope these tips help as you are searching for birthday gifts, holiday gifts, just because gifts, and for every gift in between. Make sure to stop by Grasshopper Goods! We promise you’ll find something special that will make that special someone glow :)

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