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Family-Fun Winter Activities To Try

Family-Fun Winter Activities To Try

Oh winter, we are sure in the thick of it at the moment here in the Midwest. January and February can feel like some of the longest months… and they’re most certainly the coldest. Many find us Midwesterners crazy for living through the insane winter. However, what they don’t realize is how many incredible winter activities there are!

We wanted to share some fun winter activity ideas to enjoy before the snow begins to melt :)


Enjoy a meal in a dome! – You’ll find a variety of restaurants in the Dane County area that have domes or globes to enjoy dining outside in winter. They’re surprisingly toasty while offering up some natural vitamin D plus very Covid-friendly.


Visit the Wisconsin Ice Castles - Okay so this is on the bucket list and is supposed to be such a cool experience. If you’re looking for a little quick weekend getaway, head to Galena to visit the Ice Castles. The attraction is award winning and includes mazes, slides, tunnels, ice sculptures, and more!


Take a walk on a Frozen Lake - When the lakes freeze over, it’s such a cool experience to explore across the lakes. You can oftentimes see straight through the ice surface and spot fish! And don’t worry, ice fishing is optional. You may also spot some wind surfing boats skimming across the icy surface.


Visit some local museums - During the warmer months, it’s hard to justify doing any activities inside but the chilly winter days are perfect for visiting museums. Explore some you’ve never visited or revisit some of your favorites. The Norwegian Museum in Stoughton is such a cool museum to check out


Take advantage of winter festivals - Throughout the winter, there are tons of fun festivals to attend! Some include Frozen Assets hosted by our friends at the Clean Lakes Alliance and the Winter Carnival on Lake Mendota. 

The winter time is special to those of us who live in the Midwest. While it can feel like the longest of months, they truly show how tough we are as Midwesterners. We hope this list helps inspire some fun for you and the family this winter season!

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