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Halloween Inspires Our Inner Child

Halloween Inspires Our Inner Child

Ah, Halloween. A holiday traditionally celebrated to remember dead Martyrs and ward off evil spirits. The day when the tradition of dressing up in costume was originally to scare away immortal beings. Today, Halloween carries a much different meaning.

Halloween has always been a favorite in our household. Decorating the house with spooky decorations, playing halloween themed music on the weekends, candy galore, and the excitement of choosing your costume. When October rolled around, we would go ALL out when it came to the decorations, all of which were handmade. For years we had a giant spider with noodle floatie legs on our house’s roof and a personal favorite, the witch on her broomstick who ran into the tree.

What is it about Halloween that gets folks so excited? What makes Halloween so special?

It’s a time of year that inspires our inner child. An excuse to let our freak flags fly and be as over the top as we want to be. A time when being weird and not taking yourself too seriously is encouraged.

Like most holidays, Halloween brings people together. For over 25 years, my husband and I threw themed Halloween parties every year. The costumes were insane and the memories even better. Going through photos of past Halloween parties and seeing all of our adult friends in their insane costumes paints a unique picture… and not just because of the costumes.

Getting to witness our friends tap into their inner child was something we cherished. The chance for them to be silly and express their creativity through costumes. Life moves so quickly, especially when you enter into the adult world; it’s easy to forget about your inner child. The Halloween parties slowed us down, helped us stay present, and showed a vulnerable side to each other.

Halloween inspires connection. Not only to others but to your inner child. There’s something alluring about getting to let your freak flag fly without any judgement from others. And hopefully ward off an evil spirit or two ;)

What does Halloween mean to you?

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