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I Am A Mermaid

I Am A Mermaid

What happens on the truck, stays in the truck.

The stories from our truck days with Vinny are truly endless. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we met some amazing people, and learned a big handful of lessons along the way. I could seriously write a book with all of the crazy stories from all the years of truck events (may or not be on my list of things I want to accomplish). 

One of the biggest lessons from meeting each and every person who walked through the truck is that we are ALL moving to the beat of our own drum; each of us completely one-of-a-kind. Coming to this understanding and witnessing it first-hand was incredibly empowering which provided a deeper sense of patience and love for all.

Something extra special about Vinny was how people just opened up. We’ve heard life stories, crazy hilarious stories, embarrassing stories, insane travel stories; the list goes on. The authentic connections with others that I strived to accomplish with Grasshopper Goods was happening before my eyes. 

There’s a particular story that has stuck with me ever since that I wanted to share! This curious encounter happened during the early truck event days at Botham Vinyard’s Vintage Car Show.

We had been consistently busy throughout the afternoon and I noticed a petite elderly woman who walked onto the truck. She had never seen our truck Vinny before and was intrigued by our story. What stood out to me was that she was wearing a jean jacket covered in pins and patches - a super groovy jacket, might I add.

Something on her jacket caught my eye; there were two angel wing pins on the shoulders of her jacket. Out of curiosity, I asked this stranger if the wings meant something as they stood out.

She turned around and said, “They do mean something… they mean I’m an angel.” This was an answer I was NOT expecting but I chose to lean into her response and exclaimed, “That’s incredible.”

“I’m blessed to have this gift… and I know things.”

Now I was extremely curious! “Like what?” I asked.

She responded with, “Like the fact that you’re a mermaid.”

This was like no other encounter I had ever had on the truck. I continued to ask her how she knew this. And her response was, “I just know.” 

I asked her, “Aren’t mermaids mean?” And she explains, “No, they’re just misunderstood. They’re magical creatures.” And off she went with her snazzy jean jacket disappearing within the masses of people at the Vintage Car Show. 

This encounter was another mystery! I’m a believer in magical animals and beings. Even throughout our Grasshopper Goods journey. Heck, Grasshopper Goods was named after the hoppy green fellow I encountered on a family trip… the trip that started it all.

The whole drive home after the Vintage Car Show, I kept thinking about it and wondering about the possibilities, the what ifs and why nots in this world. I appreciated her willingness to be vulnerable and open and live her truth. A sign to all of us that we should be open to mystery and possibilities but most importantly always live your truth.

We hope you enjoyed this Grasshopper Goods story! We hope to share many more in the future.

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