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Lake Life Must-Haves

Lake Life Must-Haves

Cool mornings with a cup of coffee overlooking the calm lake; water sports galore; an ice cold beer (with a koozie of course) always at the ready; bonfires with a side of s’mores; What do these all have in common? Lake Life, baby! The season all Midwesterners live for and the hope that gets us through the long winters.

Lake Life is a special season. It’s a place that is truly indescribable and one you must experience to understand what makes it so unique. Lake Life is a way of life here in the Midwest. A place where time doesn’t exist and where families and friends come together, put the phones down, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Being a Midwesterner for my entire life, Lake Life was deeply rooted in my upbringing and was a major part of my kid’s lives (and still is to this day). It was one of the reasons we moved our family to Madison, a city surrounded by lakes.

It never gets old flipping through albums from when my mom was in high school back in the 50s where she was on the water skiing team and would be on the lake every day during the summer. Growing up we had the same Lake Life, moving to the lake for the summer; Summer jobs at the marina, skiing early and late before sunset. My late father water-skied at age 60, a month later, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer because once a water skier, always a water skier. After all, it’s not summer until I get up on my slalom ski. Plus, it’s a nice reminder I’m not that old… yet ;)

With Lake Life season officially beginning with Memorial Day Weekend, we wanted to compile a list of Lake Life must-haves from our shop to ensure you’re prepared for the best time ever and / or have the perfect hostess gift if visiting a friend’s family lake house.


Comfy T-Shirts - You have to bring a handful of comfy tees to the Lake! While you’ll likely be in your swimsuit most of the time, having some tees to change into after being in the sun all day is essential. And of course, repping Lake Life vibes is a huge plus. Lucky for you, we have the best selection of comfy Lake Life themed tees including The Friday Tee, Meet Me at the Lake Tee, and Lake Life State of Mind Tee just to name a few. All available online or in store!


Cozy Sweatshirt - While the days are hot, the evenings are cool here in Wisconsin - especially up north. A sweatshirt is another must when you’re up at the lake. Especially since being outside in the evening is almost always a given with a bonfire (s’mores YUM)! We’re not kidding when we say we have the coziest sweatshirts… ask any of our customers! Some of our favorites right now are the Midwesty Crewneck in Heather Forest, Take a Hike Sweatshirt, and Lake Life State of Mind Fleece


Mugs - Everyone has their favorite mug in the lake house cupboard that has been there for decades. The one grandma can’t recall how it got there ;) Mugs are a great gift idea if you are invited to a friend’s lake house as a mug collection is almost always a thing. We have an awesome variety of mugs in our shop! Some include the Trout Enamel Mug, Life is Better at the Lake Enamel Mug, and Sunrise Coffee Stoneware Mug.


Drinks - We are in Wisconsin after all ;) Beer is almost always around up at the lake but it’s always fun to mix up cocktails for when you’re soaking up that sun or on a Booze Cruise around the lake. Spice up your cocktails with our super popular Craft Cocktails and grab a Yes Cocktail Mixer while you’re at it to bring your cocktails to the next level. You’ll be the life of the party!


Games - With TVs being mostly nonexistent up at the lake (unless it’s a box TV and only plays VHS tapes - oh the memories), bringing games in case of rainy days or for down time are a must. Some favorites in our shop right now are the School of Life Card Decks. We have an awesome variety to get everyone involved including the popular 100 Questions Card Game or the Inspiration Cards. Puzzles are another great thing to bring to the lake! We have some gorgeous Artisan Women Puzzles perfect for those rainy days. 



Can you tell we’re excited Lake Life is finally here?! These items are just a small peek into the incredible products we have available in our shop and online for lake days. Are you headed to the lake this weekend?

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