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Live + Gift Like Leslie Knope

Live + Gift Like Leslie Knope

Parks & Rec… oh how this show gives us all the feels. Every single character’s storyline is unique with their own message and lessons embedded to connect with just about everyone. This incredible show takes place in Pawnee, Indiana in the Parks & Recreation department. The series follows a variety of characters each season and will have you laughing and tearing up throughout. 

There are countless lessons from this show so it wasn’t easy to narrow it down to only three but we did our best. 

Channel Leslie Knope in whatever you do. - Leslie gives 110% effort into whatever she is doing, never takes things personally, and is always there for her friends. Her zest for life and the passion she has for her career is so inspiring. However, there are many characters within the show who aren’t as passionate as Leslie about working for the Rec department but they eventually find their way. Goes to show you that we all have our own strengths and passions.

Don’t be afraid to dream BIG! - Leslie always dreamed of being the first woman president. This was always at the top of her mind as she continued to work her butt off in whatever she was doing. She may not have ended up becoming the first woman president but because of this dream, she continued to excel in her life and it ultimately led her to all her success. Her big dreams also inspired many others in her life to pursue their dreams! Dreaming big can truly have a snowball effect.

The importance of putting yourself first sometimes - For those who have seen this show, there are a handful of “Treat Yo Self” episodes that are just the best. Characters Donna and Tom have Treat Yo Self Day once a year where they treat themselves to a day of self care. These episodes always express a reminder to put yourself first sometimes. They’re also a reminder that self care looks different for everyone!

Wow, was this week fun finding special gifts for some of the characters! Each character is completely different from one another, yet we found the perfect combination for every single one of them.


Midwesty Crewneck Sweatshirt in Red

Conversation Menus

Root For Women Flour Sack Towel



The Sidekick Essentials Seasonings Box Set

What Good Shall I Do Glass Set

Old Fashioned Wooden Muddler



Screw You. I'm Hilarious. Hand-stitched Art

Recycled Cotton Knit Cap

Organic Cotton Crew Socks in Scottie



Wonder is the Beginning of Wisdom Canvas Banner

Everyday Adventures Card Set

National Historic Sites Adventure Book

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