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Meaningful Gifts Inspired by Schitt's Creek

Meaningful Gifts Inspired by Schitt's Creek

As the month of December has finally arrived, we’ve done a lot of reflecting on the messaging we wanted to portray for the rest of the holiday season. This time of year, it can be exhausting to be constantly bombarded with “buy this!” or “great gift for…”. However, it’s important more than ever to be mindful of those who don’t have a lot or who are struggling this holiday season.

Those who are struggling or who find the holidays difficult are often forgotten throughout the holidays. Isn’t the whole point of this time of year to spread joy and to give? We urge you to reflect on this and to find ways to spread love and joy to others who may be having a hard time. Even if it’s reaching out to a neighbor who lost a loved one or donating to a children’s present drive, there are countless ways to give.

This message almost perfectly leads into our week of Schitt’s Creek! Schitt’s Creek is about a wealthy family from California who all of the sudden lose everything except for a town called Schitt’s Creek the father, Johnny Rose, purchased as a joke for his son, David. The family finds themselves having to build a whole new life in Schitt’s Creek from the ground up. This show is hysterical and heartfelt; you’ll more than likely find yourself big-belly laughing and getting choked up all in the same episode.

Let’s dive into some of the wonderful lessons learned from this incredible series; all lessons we sincerely value here at Grasshopper Goods.

Wealthy Doesn’t Always Mean Rich - The Rose’s go from having “everything” (or so they thought) to having nothing. What they soon realize throughout the series is that there are much more important things in life than money and stuff. This experience makes them realize how disconnected they were as a family when they were wealthy and how rich they have been all along.

Schitt Happens, Be Resilient - Throughout the series, the Rose’s go through more than just losing their wealth. They are approached with many challenges as they navigate through this new life. Through all the schitt, they persist and learn from lessons along the way. Their zest for life is contagious and they don’t let any of the schitt stop them from pursuing their individual dreams.

Never Stop Being Unapologetically Yourself - Instead of becoming chameleons to their new lives, the Rose’s are always true to themselves. Moira, wearing all of her crazy wigs; Alexis and David, open about their old lives with not a care about what others think of them. And by being unapologetically themselves, they grow into the best versions of themselves.

And now for the gift collections!

 Mr. Rose

Trust the Process Pennant - Johnny Rose is an entrepreneur and is starting all over when they move to Schitt's Creek. This doesn't stop Mr. Rose!

Impossibilum Ledger Coffee - Building another successful business takes work! He'll feel unstoppable with this coffee... plus, maybe offer a nicer cup of joe to the guests at Motel Rose ;)

Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar with Fig Jam - Living in a motel, the kitchenette life is limited. This jam will make him feel like a king every morning over some yummy toast.



High Brow Bird - Moira is unapologetically herself and loves to be extra. This High Brow Bird just screams Moira and will bring a smile to her face.

Headache + Sinus Balm - David and Alexis... well, they're a lot! This balm is perfect in case Moira feels a headache come on living in close quarters with her adult children.

Lavender + Lemon Cocktail Cubes - A cocktail queen, these cocktail cubes will make any of her drinks extra fancy.



Kin Euphorics Beverage - The co-founder of this drink is Bella Hadid... someone I'm sure Alexis has met in Cali. Alexis likes the finer things in life and appreciates quality branding. This unique and gorgeous drink is perfect.

Daisy Trinket Tray - Who wouldn't love this cutie little tray? She can place it on her dresser/vanity or side table to hold her jewelry or other trinkets.

Double Twist Headband - Alexis is miss fashionista and loves hair accessories. These headbands are buttery soft and extra cute.



Après All Day Sweatshirt - David is the definition of après all day! Plus, this sweatshirt is simple and adorable. The perfect cozy for David.

Lavender Face + Pillow Mist - Just like GG, David is a small business owner and runs an apothecary shop. He appreciates skin care and could possibly be inspired to carry this in his shop too!

Mala The Brand Candle in Silk - Ah yes, relaxation. Nothing says relax like a wonderful candle. A great gift for when David needs some alone time.

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