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Seasonal Beginnings

Seasonal Beginnings

Back to school is a universal beginning and a chance for rebirth, change, and hope.

While back to school tends to align itself with students, teachers, and parents, back to school can feel like a whole new beginning for everyone in the Midwest. A bittersweet goodbye to summer and a hello to fall. The change in seasons is something special Midwesterners get to experience. 

Growing up, going to school I’ll never forget the butterflies in my stomach as I got ready for the first day of school. Of course, I layed out the perfect outfit I felt would provide the best first impression.

Back to school is uncomfortable! While it is exciting, the unknown of what is to come can feel extremely uncomfortable. That didn’t stop all of us from stepping into the unknown that was the new school year. Through all the ups and downs, each moment was a learning lesson to direct you to your present self.

We love talking about beginnings at GG as they are a wonderful way to appreciate the experiences from your past while welcoming the new that is the present and the unknown that is the future. As human beings, we have this natural habit of falling into our comfort zones. 

What is SO important to remember is that every single new beginning or experience is going to feel uncomfortable in some way shape or form. I personally feel human beings should strive to be uncomfortable. I know, I know, it sounds a little strange but I can promise you that where you are today wouldn’t have happened if you were comfortable your whole life.

When was the last time you went out of your comfort zone? It’s so easy to get in the routine of life that sometimes we forget how important stepping out of your comfort zone truly is. It’s outside of your comfort zone that you truly grow as a person.

Starting GG was uncomfortable… completely out of my comfort zone! Were there any downs? Oh absolutely! But there were equally the highest highs. And I wouldn't’ change a thing. What will you manifest during this new season? You can do this!

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