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Spring Cleaning Your Life

Spring Cleaning Your Life

For those who experience the four seasons, a vibrant, increase in energy when spring arrives is a well-known feeling. A common joke is that spring is when people come out of their hibernation. When you start seeing people wearing t-shirts and shorts when the temps hit above 45 degrees, you know spring is here. Most warmer states would call us crazy, here in the Midwest, it's basically summer after a long, cold winter ;)

So, what does spring mean to you?

Perhaps it's a time for reflection, a refresh, new beginnings, or the discovery of something new. While spring cleaning is a known saying, most refer to cleaning a space. It doesn't have to just be about purging your closet or reorganizing your kitchen (although those are awesome things to accomplish too!). If you dig a little deeper, spring cleaning can refer to anything in your life.

Spring is a fantastic time for reflection. Try asking yourself some of the following questions related to pursue feeling joyful and refreshed in your every day: 

Have there been moments I've felt burnt out this past year?

Are there any things or even people in your life that have me feeling drained of energy?

At what points have I felt stressed?

After reflection, pointing out specific moments, people, or things that have brought upon these feelings can ultimately help guide you to a more aligned life. It takes time and it's okay to focus on one thing at a time, but remember, this is YOUR life. You have much more control over creating a life that brings you joy than you may realize.

Below are some strategies I'm applying to my life this spring season (and beyond) upon reflection... and I hope they help inspire you too!

Swedish Death Cleaning

Okay, hear me out. It's not as morbid as you may assume! Death cleaning is a practical cleaning strategy focused around getting rid of stuff you've accumulated over the years, so that loved ones don't have to do it for you once you've passed. 

My mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimers and we recently had to move her which meant going through her stuff to have her ready to downsize. It was really hard, not only for her but for our family, to go through every little thing. I kept thinking, "I do not want my kids to have to worry about this when I'm incapable of doing this type of work or have passed."

And so, I found Swedish Death Cleaning and let me tell you, it's already been life changing simply living in a home where everything has a purpose. 

Click here for a YouTube video more about this strategy along and click here for an article on this subject. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Batch Working

To all the entrepreneurs or even multitaskers out there, this working strategy is a game changer. "Task batching is the act of batching similar tasks together and doing them all at once, rather than addressing them sporadically throughout the day," (Timely Blog). 

I'm someone who is known for doing too many things at once. However, with life pulling me in multiple directions due to my various responsibilities, I needed a strategy that helped me focus. Not only has this strategy help me get more done, but it's also provided me with more time for rest (a crucial piece to prevent burn out as we all know).

Click here for a fantastic article that walks you through some batch working tips. Also, make sure to check out the Productivity Worksheet I use to help me batch work... you can purchase one for yourself on our website!


Ever since I found meditation, it's been a game changer in my stress levels and mindfulness in every day. At first, I struggled with meditation until I found sensory meditation... the act of using your senses to help you meditate. For me, it's smell and sight.

To begin my meditation, I create a peaceful and quiet space, get comfy on the floor or couch, and will light an incense. With the incense burning, the smell triggers my mind to know it's time to be quiet and watching the smoke trails helps me focus on my breath. 

If you want to try meditation with incense, we have some incredible ones from Japan in our shop! They are travel sized, so, a quick 10 minutes of burn time but I love being able to bring them with me everywhere. Find them here!

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