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Gifts Ted Lasso Fans Will Love

Gifts Ted Lasso Fans Will Love

The holiday season is here and it’s the time of year when we are our busiest at Grasshopper but a time that we cherish. The increase in customers visiting our shop, searching for the perfect gifts for loved ones is so much of why we opened our shop.


“Oh my gosh! This would be perfect for Mary!”

*chuckles* “How much does this scream Cindy?!”

“I’ve never seen anything like this… it’s perfect for my daughter.”

Every exclamation and story we hear in the shop fills our buckets. Unasked validation that we are doing what we, as a team, work so hard to accomplish: Providing a joyful and unforgettable shopping experience for our customers.

In honor of the holiday season approaching, we wanted to provide an extra fun way to share gift ideas for the special people in your life. And so, each week, we will be sharing gifts for characters in some of our favorite TV shows and movies to help inspire. We had way too much fun coming up with the gifts for our favorite characters and can’t wait to share them weeks to come.

This week, we highlighted gift ideas for characters from the Emmy-award winning show, Ted Lasso. You may have heard of this trendy show and if you haven’t yet watched the series, we highly recommend it. Ted Lasso is about a kind and exceedingly positive American football coach who is hired to coach a fictional English football (aka soccer) team. The show is incredibly heartwarming and hilarious with tons of wonderful lessons.

Let’s dive into some of them, shall we? And you’ll find many relate closely to our mission and vision here at GG ;)

Always Believe - This is a huge overarching theme in the show! At the very beginning of the series, Ted has a “Believe” sign that he posts up in the players locker room. It seems just about every single person assumes he will fail, but Ted perseveres and stays true to himself. Belief is the first step towards achieving your dreams. While it doesn’t mean the road to success will be easy (far from it!); choosing to believe in yourself has incredible consequences. Something we can certainly get behind.

The Ripple Effect of Positive Thinking - Ted’s positivity is such a major part of his personality, however, many in the show look at his positivity as a weakness. Throughout the series, Ted’s optimism and confidence in himself and those around him becomes contagious. We deeply value optimism at GG. Having a positive attitude throughout the GG journey is a big reason the business is where it’s at today.

Mental Health is Important - The second season dives into some deeper topics, specifically about mental health. It’s a beautiful paradox; in the first season Ted asserts himself as a super positive and happy person on the outside but in season two you learn he is struggling on the inside. An incredibly important topic that was refreshing to see.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about Ted Lasso, time to share the Gift Collection summaries for the characters we highlighted this week.

Ted Lasso


  1. Believe Camp Flag - This one goes without saying ;)
  2. Team Work Card Game - Ted is all about team work and creating a safe environment for his players to express themselves. This card game is perfect for him to play with his team!
  3. Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Baking Mix - Ted surprises a character in the show with a certain baked good (not giving anything away). Because he enjoys baking, we thought he'd appreciate trying something new.


  1. Mezcal Roja Perfume Oil - Keeley is a boss! She handles the club's PR and is constantly running around kicking butt. This perfume oil is perfect for her to throw in her purse for a quick touch up.
  2. Moon Ritual Bath Soak - There's an episode where it's revealed that Keeley enjoys a nice bath to relax for self-care. This bath soak is luxurious and perfect for her.
  3. Ladies to the Front Tee - This tee screams Keeley! Throughout the series, she continues to excel in her career while still staying true to who she is.

Roy Kent

  1. Cut Yourself Some Fucking Slack, K? Pennant - Roy is blunt, honest, and straight to the point. This pennant is exactly all those things. The perfect addition to his office!
  2. Embroidery Kits - Roy adores his niece! We wanted to include a gift he could share with her and thought an embroidery kit would be perfect.
  3. Super Capacity Espresso Blend Whole Bean - Coaching takes up a lot of Roy's time. What better way to jump start your day than with some delicious espresso?


  1. Hearts Pom Knit Hat - When Rebecca isn't running a soccer club, she has an incredible voice and does community service in her spar time. Caroling is likely a past time as she has an incredible voice! This hat is perfect to keep her stylish and warm all at once.
  2. Cheers Cocktail Napkins - Rebecca enjoys the occasional cocktail. These adorable hand stitched cocktail napkins are perfect for her home or even at her office.
  3. Beam Studs with Semi-Precious Stones - Rebecca has an amazing sense of style! These earrings would be perfect for her to wear to work, out on the town, or every day.

We hope you enjoyed this blog! Tune in each week leading up the holidays for more fun character gift ideas :)

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