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Gifts Inspired by The Sound of Music

Gifts Inspired by The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music has been a holiday movie staple in our household for as long as I can remember! A classic story full of joy, song, love, and family. It’s tradition in our house to watch The Sound of Music on Christmas Eve with a cozy whiskey in hand.

Our theme for this week was The Sound of Music! For those who have never seen this incredible classic, The Sound of Music takes place in Austria at the beginning of WWI. The musical is about a young nun, Maria, who is asked to become a governess for the Von Trapp family of seven children. The Von Trapp children have a reputation of being ‘cruel’ to their past governesses but Maria is unlike any governess they’ve had.

Below are some of the lessons learned from The Sound of Music that we found also resonated with our values at GG :)

Music Brings Joy - Naturally, music is a major theme within The Sound of Music. Maria is constantly singing (even when she’s “not supposed to”) and uses music to help connect with the Von Trapp children. When music is introduced back in the Von Trapp household, magical things begin to happen. Music has always been a special part of GG! We often find customers dancing around our shop to the fun tunes playing.

Climb Every Mountain - This metaphor is a special one. Maria approaches some struggles and instead of facing the conflicts, runs away from them until her mentor, Reverend Mother, comes to her aid. Reverend Mother pushes her to “climb every mountain.” In other words, face and embrace the challenges life throws at you! We adore this message as it’s a wonderful message for those pursuing the entrepreneurial journey.

Love Conquers All - There are many themes of love within this film. Love between family, romantic relationships, friends, and community. With the Nazi regime beginning to take over parts of Austria, there are many moments where the characters are given ultimatums. Without giving anything away, the deep love the family has for each other truly saves their lives. Love conquers all is a message we deeply resonate with here at GG.

Let’s dive into the character’s we curated gifts for this week! We hope they helped inspire you as we begin the holiday season.


  1. Kindness Matters Sweatshirt - A sweatshirt perfectly suited for Maria who cares deeply for those around her and spreads kindness.
  2. Morel Mushroom Ceramic Spoon Rest - This quirky spoon rest is just adorable and felt matched Maria’s adventurous spirit.
  3. Not All Classrooms Have Four Walls Tote - Maria makes it her mission to help the Von Trapp children experience and explore outside of their comfort zone.


  1. Ranger Station Candle - The Captain wasn’t easy to pick gifts out for! But these candles are the perfect gift for when you’re unsure of what to get a loved one. Once the candle burns through, clean it out and the vessel becomes a whiskey glass; Perfect for the Captain.
  2. Camp Craft Cocktail Mountain Pass - The earthy flavor of this Camp Craft Cocktail is a unique way to enjoy a cocktail and a wonderful gift for the Captain who enjoys a nice cocktail.


  1. Wildflower Tray - Liesl is the eldest of the Von Trapp children and loves lovely feminine touches. This tray is the perfect balance of playful and feminine to have on her vanity.
  2. Love Lotion Bar - This luxurious lotion bar smells incredible and is wonderfully moisturizing. A wonderful gift for a young woman!
  3. Stacked Labradorite, Sunstone, and Carnelian Earrings - Liesl is 16 going on 17 and is in the midst of transitioning from being a child to a young woman. These earrings would be perfect for her to wear to her next party!

The Baroness


  1. Body Polish Scrub - The Baroness is fancy schmancy and loves taking care of herself. This Body Polish is made from only the best ingredients and makes the skin insanely soft.
  2. Cranberry Spice Cocktail Mixer - This holiday inspired cocktail mixer is absolutely delicious. Perfect for the Baroness to enjoy during the holiday months with her friends.
  3. Vintage Deco Shell Earrings - These earrings feel extravagant! Showstoppers! The Baroness loves anything extravagant that matches her lifestyle.

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