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The Weight Of A Feather + Little Somethings

The Weight Of A Feather + Little Somethings

The Weight Of A Feather: How I Found Hope At The Pheasant Branch Conservancy - An Essay by Jenn Zutter (Chief Creative Director)

On average a feather weighs 0.000289 oz.

But I have one that weighs as much, and is worth as much as a bar of gold.

Hear me out.

During the past two years I’ve had my ups and downs like most everyone else. In the midst of a particularly difficult period, I was feeling bored, scared, confused, and very low.  I had a lot of time during quarantine to think. And that’s not usually a good thing.

I turned to my favorite activity, hiking, and set out on one of my favorite trails with someone I love.  I knew I would find peace and space to breathe among the trees and fresh air but little did I know those trails held a treasure, both literally and figuratively.

From a young age I would go for walks with my Dad and he always taught me to pay attention. He often came home from his solo walks with some extra pocket change or interesting trinket he found along the way.

So that day at Pheasant Branch I remembered his lesson and was watching the trail closely. A little spotted feather caught my eye but for some reason I passed it by. Fast forward to 30 minutes later and I couldn’t stop thinking about that little talisman. My walking partner could sense that I was wishing I would’ve picked it up and suggested we go back to look for it.


It took a WHILE. Pheasant Branch is 160 acre conservancy. But he wouldn’t give up. He’s patient and has an excellent sense of direction. We finally found the feather, and along with it, I found a sense of hope. When I look at it now in its place of pride in a glass box on my bookcase, it grounds me like the heaviest thunder blanket when I need it to and I’ll never forget the time it made my heart take flight again.

In a time when grand gestures dominate social media and movie sequences, it’s easy to not to notice the extraordinary little things that together make up a lifetime of friendship, loyalty and love. Keep looking. And when you can’t see it, go back and look again. 

Looking for love in ALL of the places...

At GG, we're always looking for ways we can spread love and kindness. We couldn't wait to reach out to our community and hear from YOU. Hearing of all the ways your loved ones make you feel special had our hearts bursting and reminded us that it truly is the little things.

If you're looking for some inspiration or to have your heart extra full, we wanted to share some of the responses from this campaign. Enjoy!

Husband makes the best ginger lemon honey tea for me (newly pregnant and v nauseous).

Always validates and supports my projects!

Spend hours helping me redo our wall pics last week.

Makes me chai teas.

Making food for each other.

Gotta keep each other fed.

Makes me laugh.

Gets the coffee ready before bed so it's ready to go in the morning.

Makes me my favorite dinner.

Brings me coffee in bed every morning.

Rubs my feet and gets me late night snacks.

He tells me that I'm the best and that he loves me multiple times a day.

Always has the coffee at hand.

Small surprise gifts because "it reminded me of you / I was thinking of you".

Husband takes the boys and I sleep in every Sunday morning.

Helps me with my crosswords.

He wakes up before me so he builds a pillow wall so the light doesn't get in my eyes.

He rubs my feet every night.

Does more than his fair share.

Cooks me dinner.

Leaves little love notes everywhere for me.

It's been 5 years and he still does it.

When my grandson hugs my knees when I haven't seen him for weeks.

Makes me food!

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