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Where Do I Put My Patch?!

Where Do I Put My Patch?!

Something we’re loving right now… patches. Guess how long patches have been around for. Just take a guess. For THOUSANDS of years. Yep. We were pretty mind blown too when we found this out! While the patches from wayyyyy back in the day have certainly had an upgrade, we are digging the fact that patches are making a comeback. Giving us major throwback vibes we can def get behind.

I’m sure most can remember a time growing up when you had a rip in your favorite pair of jeans as a kid and you had your Mom sew on a patch so you didn’t have to say goodbye to your favorite pair. Or when school was about to start and you got to decorate your backpack with the cutest and coolest new patches. And of course we can’t forget the days of Girl Scouts, the youngest entrepreneurs out there :)

We have quite the selection of patches in our shop. Some silly, some cool, some inspiring. A big reason we love patches is that many make a statement. Whether it describes your personality, interests, or what you believe in, patches are a fun way to express who YOU are.

So, we’ve found a ton of folks love the concept of patches but aren’t really sure what to do with them.

Where in the heck do I put this thing?

Well guys, don’t you worry because we’ve compiled a list of some awesome-sauce places you should be putting patches! Some may seem obvious while others may surprise you :)


  • Backpacks - With school right around the corner, adding patches to your backpack is such a fun way to spruce up a backpack. Plus, you’ll always know it’s yours.
  • Jean jackets - Everyone needs a good jean jacket. Make it standout and look extra cool by adding a patch to the sleeve, front pocket, back, wherever!
  • Jeans - Ah the days when ripped jeans WEREN’T cool ;) No need to mend those rips any more! Patches nowadays make any pair of jeans that much better. We personally love the addition of a patch to one of the back pockets.
  • Bags - Like backpacks, adding patches to your bag helps you make a statement!
  • Quilts - Have any kiddos headed to college? A common gift to college kids are quilts from home. Add a patch (or three) to a quilt to make it extra special.
  • Sweatshirts - We love a patch added to the part of your sweatshirt where your heart is. It almost acts as a symbol of what you hold close to your heart. Patches make all outfits better, let’s be honest.
  • Sweatpants (and shorts) - Embroidered sweatpants (and shorts) are super trendy at the moment. But why not think outside the box and instead add a patch to your sweatpants! Always gotta stay one step ahead of those trends ;)
  • Canvas bags - Ah yes, the BFF you bring to every farmers market. We all have our favorite canvas bag we bring with us to all farmers markets and picnics. Show it a little extra love by adding a patch!
  • Duffel bags - Traveling anytime soon? Checking a duffel bag? We can almost guarantee you will not miss your duffel with a fun patch on the side!
  • Hats - We’ve been seeing lots of hats with patches on them! Grab a plain hat, pick out a favorite patch, and add it to the front… or to the back. To each their own ;)


See you guys! Patches are fun! We have quite the selection in our shop available both online and at our store in Stoughton. Do you have any memories involving patches? We would love to hear them!

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