Organic Stud Earrings - Five Colors To Choose From

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Add some fun and personality to your look with these colorful handmade polymer clay earrings

A coat of resin has been put on the polymer clay, it makes the piece more solid and gives a glossy finish

Shape: organic, asymmetric

Size: approximately 0.5 inches long

Materials: polymer clay, eco friendly resin, stainless steel rods and backings

The studs are fixed (glue and resin) in the polymer clay.
Made in Canada

Colors may appear slightly different in person

Created by Audrey-Anne Frenette, an art therapist and artist based in Quebec.

For her, self-expression can be practised and facilitated through our selection of clothes and accessories. Hence, a part of ourselves manifests in our outfits, allowing others to see us, hear us and even understand us. 

It usually starts with an idea: a shape, a texture or a composition. Then, the research of materials and means begin. Their process gives value to attempts that are not going as planned, as they inspire the next ones with a new and surprising frame. They see success as the fruit of inconclusive attempts. These attempts lead to pieces made with attention and produced only in small batches, minimizing waste and unsold items.