Herbal Bitters Set

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Embracing a range of floral, earthy, and fragrant noted, this bitters set of four limited-release flavors is your bar's equivalent of an all-purpose liquid spice rack.

Superlative in savory cocktails like Bloody Mary's and Dirty Martinis, or an uplifting and unexpected addition to classics like mojitos, mimosas, and highballs of infinite variety.

Fantastic in baking and cookery applications, these flavors sing when paired with fruit-forward drinks and desserts of all kinds.

Immediately elevate club soda or gelato with only a judicious couple of added drops.

Each beautifully hand-packaged herbal bitters set includes suggested cocktail recipes and four (1 fluid ounce each) bottles of Honest John Bitters Co. Seasonal flavors: rosemary, thyme, sage, and mint.