I've Venn Thinking Venn Diagram Party Card Game

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We have more in common than you might think. In fact, that's kind of the point of this game. This Venn diagram-based party game is all about finding (hopefully) hilarious similarities between two random (and we mean random) things. Just draw the included red and blue discs to create unexpected pairings (like the Month of February and Tom Cruise*) and then compete with friends to try to find the funniest thing that they both have in common.

*We recommend: Shorter than average.

• Includes 100 red & 100 blue 'topics' to pair together.
• Not to mention 520 different pre-written 'answers.'
• Psst: You also have the option to come up with your own answers (since you obviously think you're more clever than we are).
• The outer box measures 5.8" wide by 3.7" tall by 3.5" deep-that's 147mm by 94mm by 89mm if you're fancy.
• Suitable for 3-8+ players. Go crazy.