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The Idea Box Kids - Various Themed Activity Boxes

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Quiet Time
Life Skills
Scavenger Hunt
Adventure - Take a Tour of Your Town

AGES: 3-10+

COINS: 30 natural, wood coins, each measuring 1 ½ inches round

BOX SIZE: 4.75x2

ScienceThis box of simple science experiments was made just for YOU!

FamilyHave a child-led Family Game Night with the Family Box!

Quiet TimeIt’s great to see busy children, doing what they do best…be children! But, they also need a bit of downtime...where they can wind their bodies down and take a's one of the most important parts of their day. The Quiet Time Box was made for this very thing!

StoryThe Story Box is a simple, little box filled with words to get your story-brain fired up! When it’s time for a story, just open the box!

Life SkillsWhen you’re a parent, there is so much you want your child to learn. The Life Skills Box provides specific, age-appropriate skills and information on wooden coins for your child to choose from. Each activity provides an opportunity to start some good dialogue about the how’s and why’s of your child’s environment.

Summer : Simple Summertime Activities for Kids No guesswork, no planning...just a lot of living in the moment. That is what summertime is about.

Scavenger Hunt Send your child through the house on an adventurous, educational scavenger hunt! Your child will be asked to find specific items as well as be given descriptions that could fit many different items. The choices that are given make this a scavenger hunt that can be played over and over again with different results each time.

Adventure Take a tour of your town! With the Adventure Box, you will find yourself visiting nature trails, a variety of specialty shops, various entertainment venues, everyday places, and all-around fun places in your community. Your child will have fun discovering new places as well as rediscovering old ones!

Backyard : The Backyard Box is filled with simple nature activities that will have your child sorting leaves, finding animal homes, drawing pictures in the dirt, and more!

Wiggle : Do you have kids that need to work out their wiggles? Of course you do! The Wiggle Box provides a creative (and secretly educational) way for your child to work out all of those wiggles that are trying to escape. Choose several coins from the box, put them in a sequence…and, start moving!