July 26, 2022

These Are A Few Of Clove's Favorite Things

By Wise Grasshopper
These Are A Few Of Clove's Favorite Things

Our Digital Marketing Intern, Clove, would describe her personal style as colorful, semi-maximalist. This describes her wardrobe but also her college apartment located in the heart of Madison, WI.

She describes as colorful, semi-maximalist as one who:

  • Knows you can never have too many accessories
  • Knick-knacks are a central part of home decor
  • Avoids dark colors when it comes to decorating and when picking out an outfit – the brighter the color, the better.

One issue that Clove always seems to have is that she can always find something at the shop that catches her eye. Whether that be a new accessory or a new piece of decor, Grasshopper Goods can be a dangerously, good place for her. Below, she has listed some of her favorite items from the shop:

Brookie Snapback in Olive

“Although I don’t fish, nor have I ever fished, something about the Brookie Snapback really drew me in. This hat is the perfect mixture of comfort meets style. It may be a more “masculine” hat, but I love a good style challenge. I was so drawn to this hat, but often questioned where I would wear it. I finally decided to take a chance on it, and I’m here to tell you this is one of my all time favorite hats.”

Mini Daisy Flower Clips

“The return of Y2K style can be seen with these colorful clips. I have both sets, and wear them religiously. Perfect for when you wear your hair up or down, these clips provide a youthful aspect to any outfit.”

Summer Hours Sample Set

“The perfect set for everyday and on-the-go. I recently bought these to bring on a trip, and they were perfect for traveling. These sweet, summer scents offer variety for when you’re traveling, making you not limited to one certain scent.”


Meow Pennant

“It may sound a little weird to admit that one of my best friends is an eight pound orange cat, but she’s seriously one of the best things in my life. I’ve always been a “cat lady” and what better way to show it off than by hanging up this Meow Pennant loudly and proudly. I usually associate pennants with sports, but why not show some love for our favorite, fluffy friends?”