December 01, 2022

Importance of Shopping Small

By Kelsey Stokstad
Importance of Shopping Small

With the holidays on the horizon, the rush to find the perfect gifts has begun. What better way to shop for your loved ones than at the businesses in your community? The argument of convenience often has many scrolling through Amazon during the holiday season. However, we would argue this takes the fun out of gifting for your loved ones... Plus, you may be surprised at how "easy" shopping for gifts can be at local businesses.

Below are a handful of reasons to shop local this holiday season (and beyond!):

1. When you shop local, you are not only supporting your neighbor's dream but also supporting your community as a whole. Economically, when you shop local, your money is directly going back to your community. From public schools, parks, roads, and even sidewalks, the sales taxes paid from local businesses helps all of these aspects of your community.

2. Specially curated products providing diversity in your gifting options. As a small business, we take great pride in finding unique products and brands for our customers. Shopping local, you'll surely find the most unique gifts for loved ones.

3. Better customer service! For small and local businesses, every single sale matters which often leads to better customer service. At Grasshopper Goods, you'll always be greeted with a smile and offered help finding what you're looking for.