August 19, 2022

Ledger Coffee Roasters -- Crafted with Care

By Jennifer Zutter
Ledger Coffee Roasters -- Crafted with Care

I have such a strong respect for the people who contribute to the making of our days. That's why I love Ledger Coffee, a micro-roastery and full-service coffee shop located in Garver Feed Mill, so much. The attention to detail in the exceptional product they craft, served up with intelligence and heart, is what makes the coffee experience at Ledger truly special. It's why I drive 15 minutes (almost daily) to obtain my current favorites: a Colombia double shot cortado or a hot, whole-milk cardamom latte created by people I have come to think of as friends.


Opening in the fall of 2019 at Garver Feed Mill, Ledger began with owner Richard and 3 baristas, Annika, Hannah and Savannah. These three talented and kind individuals helped get me through the pandemic, the loss of a pet, and the loss of my mother. We've also shared in many of life's little joys, and discussions about shows, fashion, design, travel and books. What started as a coffee stop bloomed into a community I have come to rely on as part of my support system. 


Annika and Hannah have moved on to exciting adventures in graphic design and a move abroad, respectively. Anna and Katie have joined the team and I look forward to getting to know them better. Savannah remains steady behind the bar and it's why I chose to highlight her for our tribute to the Coffee Break Festival. 


Read on to find out what her favorite Ledger roast is and what drew her to a career in coffee. And stop in to the shop for a selection of my favorite whole-bean coffee!


Q: How did your career in coffee get started?/What drew you to a career in coffee. 


My first coffee job was 7 years ago at Brickhaus Cafe in Jefferson, WI. I was drawn to this spot because coffee was already an interest/hobby of mine so I figured getting a job at a shop would be a good way to learn more. At Brickhaus, I quickly learned that my co workers and the shop's customers were some of the most kind people I had ever met. Thanks to this wonderful experience, I decided to continue my coffee career when I moved to Madison. It is without a doubt the welcoming and genuinely kind community that I have found through coffee that keeps me in this industry. 



Q: What is your favorite aspect of your job? 


“My favorite aspect of working in coffee is getting to be a part of a nice moment in our customers' day. Coffee on its own can be a pretty insignificant thing but it does create an opportunity to meet new people and spread a little kindness.”


Q: What is your favorite drink to make & what is your favorite drink to drink? 


“My favorite drink to make is a 6oz whole milk cappuccino or a whole milk cortado. My favorite coffee drink at home is a light roast single origin (probably Ethiopia) Chemex. My favorite drink from a shop is a 12oz iced quad shot americano.”

Q: Do you have a favorite region/bean that Ledger has sourced? What is its flavor profile? 


“My favorite roast that Ledger has done so far is the natural anaerobic Ethiopia Guji. It was a light roast that was so bright and fruity it reminded me of strawberries and fruity pebbles. My favorite roast that we currently have is the Colombia. The Colombia is also a bright and fruity natural anaerobic.”


Q: What does sharing coffee mean to you & do you have a favorite memory of a place/person you shared/experienced coffee?


“To me, sharing coffee means wanting to give someone a little bright light in their day/life. It isn't very often that we get to make something delicious for others to experience and (hopefully) love so much it makes them hopeful or happy; but coffee is an easy and relatively inexpensive way we can do this for many people!”


“My favorite coffee memory is with my partner, Ryan. We have coffee to thank for bringing us together because we met while we were both baristas at Brickhaus. We have been together for 6 years now and getting/making coffee together is still something I always look forward to.”


Q: Have you experimented in roasting?


“I have very little experience in roasting. But this is an area of growth I have to look forward to in this industry!”