November 10, 2022

Purposeful Wish Lists

By Kelsey Stokstad
Purposeful Wish Lists

Has anyone else ever felt guilty building a wish list for themselves as an adult? Or maybe it’s just so hard to come up with anything to add to your list! You are not alone. I’ve been there.

Growing up, building a wish list full of all the new toys, clothes, gadgets you’ve been wanting and waiting for was so much fun. However, as I grew older I began to see wish lists as a form of innocent selfishness. It has taken some time and self reflection to realize that this is anything but the case. 

Consider this: does going through loved ones' wish lists make you upset, sad, or angry? Do you associate your loved ones with greediness? Most likely not. You feel a sense of gratitude that a loved one has taken the time to create a list to make your gifting process that much easier.

As a natural gift-giver, I love giving but receiving is something I have a hard time with. Something I’ve learned over the years (and am still working at) is that you cannot offer your best self to others when you do not prioritize yourself.

Making yourself a priority is not selfish; quite the opposite. It’s okay to want. It’s okay to DREAM. You can still want and dream while continuing to be a selfless individual. One who cares deeply for others; one who volunteers their time; one who feels an intense amount of gratitude, and you might end up saving your loved ones some time! It is anything BUT a selfish act. 

Wish lists can also be built with intention; that is, they can consist of loving actions and dreams in mind as opposed to material things. Naming your desires can give them power. 

So, we challenge readers like you to build a Purposeful Wish List, solo, or with your kiddos and alongside the Gift Wish List. This list can include anything from:

Spend more time with grandma

Say “I love you” more

Donate to your favorite charity

Take 30 minutes out of every day to read your favorite book

Connect with an individual you look up to

Shop local when buying gifts

The options are endless. With every gift added to your wish list, write down purposeful actions that will not only make you feel amazing, but others as well.

And speaking of wish lists… We now have wish lists available in our shop! (Talk about the ultimate segue ;) ) We can email your list to loved ones or they can grab from the box on our counter as they shop the store. We hope you will enjoy this tool for birthdays, holidays and more! 

Happy Shopping!

Gratefully yours,

Karen & The Grasshopper Goods Team