July 12, 2022

The GG Refresh

By Wise Grasshopper
The GG Refresh

     Spring and Summer is a time to set aside time to relax and refresh yourself. Whether that be through cleaning, creating new goals for yourself, and just trying to find new ways to improve your life, we all “refresh” in our own unique way.

     Here at Grasshopper Goods, we’ve decided that our own personal form of refreshing is refreshing the store and our brand. We’re still the same shop that you know and love, but we’ve added some elements to help improve your experience in the shop.

Around the Shop:

     Right when you walk in, you’ll notice our brand new signage behind the register. This amazing sign was made by the awesome people at Cedar & Spice. It includes our signature front, and adorable grasshopper. We’ve also added a pop of color to the front of the register area, with a fun green wrap, also from Cedar & Spice! This is just the beginning and we are excited for new surprises and additions this summer.

     For your convenience, we’ve added new ways to have more products on the floor than ever before. When you walk into the shop, you’ll notice some pretty neat pegboards. The addition of these to the shop is great for displaying our latest fresh finds. We’re always changing what’s on there, so feel free to stop in as much as you’d like.


     Finally, we got some new rugs around the shop. Although it may not be super noticeable when you first walk in, we wanted to add more cohesiveness to the shop.

The GG Brand:

     In case you haven’t heard, we launched our own line of t-shirts! We designed three awesome tees that help to represent the GG brand and our values. Each are unique in their own way and all hold a special place in our heart. When we opened GG back in 2017, we had no idea that the shop would grow into what it is today, and that we’d be able to have products exclusively for our shop, t-shirts are just the beginning.

  • Smiley, Heart, Grasshopper T-Shirt Inspired by the iconic Smiley face that has become somewhat of a mascot for Grasshopper Goods. Since its inception in 2017, Grasshopper Goods mobile boutique, a 1977 Chevy step van, was built on the desire to deliver joy from street fairs to festivals. Whenever folks would hop on into the truck they often would exclaim how happy it made them. That feeling continues in the storefront, we now call home in Stoughton, WI.
  • Neighborly T-Shirt – Inspired by Grasshopper Goods' move from mobile boutique to brick-and-mortar storefront in Stoughton, WI, where we've been treated in the most neighborly way right from the very start! We hope we can all work to inspire neighborly love near and far.
  • Take The Leap T-Shirt – Inspired by the original idea to start the first mobile boutique in Wisconsin and all the leaps in between that got us to designing our own t-shirts! We hope this shirt moves us all in big ways and small to take the leap, if its just getting out of your comfort zone, going back to school or starting your own business. We are here to cheer you on!

     We just want to thank you for all the love and support that we’ve received from the GG community. We wouldn’t be where we are without all of you, and we promise to be a fun, fresh, and authentic brand.