August 10, 2022

Things that Bring Jordan Joy

By Wise Grasshopper
Things that Bring Jordan Joy

Meet Jordan!

Jordan has been a shop employee at GG for a few years, and has loved being apart of the team. We asked Jordan about her personal style, and some of her favorite items in the shop.

About Her Style

"I would generally describe my style as simple. Most of my closet and room is filled with neutrals, green and brown being my absolute favorite. But with my style typically being filled with neutral colors, I usually add a pop of color or pattern. Some of our natural floral patterns at the shop are the perfect addition to a more simple style. You can usually find me using warm toned colors, which our shop is filled with. Here are some of my favorite products that either fulfill or compliment a neutral color pallet."


Explore Camp Flag

"I've spent a lot of my summer going to different state and national parks across the country (and Canada). I think that this flag embodies my desire to see the different beautiful places our country holds. Whether you're hanging this flag in your room, office, or living room, it's a great way to remind yourself to get out and explore!"


Retro Pines Pullover

"Building off of my love for the outdoors, this sweatshirt emphasizes the importance of leaving nature the way that we found it. I love the color pallette of this sweatshirt, with multiple tones making it easy to incorporate other colors into your outfit. Not to mention it's super soft, making it perfect for cooler nights out adventuring."


Checkered Shell Locket Necklace

"I've been eyeing up this locket for quite some time now, I love the off white paired with the very dark purple that can match with most outfits. It gets even better when you see the details in the antique gold plated chain that make it such a unique piece."


Carmel Crossbody Sling

"Now for the pop of color and pattern I was talking about earlier! This yellow sling incorporates white daisies, with hints of green that allow you to compliment your outfit easily. The pattern isn't overwhelming, and adds calm details to your outfit. I also love that the fabric used to make Maika products is easy to clean, making it a low stress bag."