Kintsugi Pin

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Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer combined with precious metals. The intention of this method is to highlight the beauty of brokenness and repair, identifying both as important aspects of the history of the object rather than flaws to hide or disguise.

The significance of kintsugi has roots in wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy of radical acceptance of the inherent nature of imperfection in life. With kintsugi, by emphasizing the cracks in the repair process, there is a valuing of the wear of an object and a recognition that being broken is simply a part of its story, rather than its end.

1.6" wide double clasps to hold pin in place

Gold plated and hard enamel for durability 50% of profits from this pin will be donated to the Kintsugi Therapist Collective.